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Hi, Welcome to Techbux Team page. They work hard and keeps you updated with the latest trends and launches in the market today. Here are our main top team authors.


binosh kodothBinosh is the Chief editor of Techbux and the founder of Techbux. He started his blogging career back in 2010 and contributed articles for so many active blogs. He owns an educational website named keralasakrkar.com and very passionate about tech gadgets and provides latest technology updates. Address: Kasaragod, Kerala, India, Mobile: +91 9995789574 Email: binosh@techbux.com


abhilash p menonHe is an SEO specialist and a senior author who wrote articles for many reputed well-going websites. You can also hire him for any SEO improvements for your blog/websites. He’s running a blog named allthingspace.com which gives SEO tips and other related sub-niches. Address: Padma Junction, Ernakulam, Kerala, India. Email: abhilash@techbux.com


Unnikrishnan is a newbie, but have the eager to find latest tech gadgets and shares his views honestly. He works in Technopark, Kerala. Have great knowledge of electronics. He reviews mobiles and Laptops with a typical style. He’s written’s many articles for many technology blogs and also contributes to us. Address: Guruvayoor North, Thrissur, Kerala, India. Email: unni@techbux.com


Ranjith KadakamRanjith is one of our most frequent updater and an active blogger since 2012. He owns many blogs and he will solve your doubts about gadgets available in the market. He mostly specialized in latest technologies other than mobiles or laptops, So you don’t miss any new kinds of stuff available in the market. Address: Kadakam, Kasaragod, Kerala, India. Email: ranjith@techbux.com